How To Gain The Trust Of A Cat

How To Gain The Trust Of A Cat? 17 Tips

Cats are not easygoing, especially shy cats. Here I am going to review how to gain the trust of a cat. Because cats love to live in their own way. They don’t trust humans easily.

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There are certain limits to touching a cat, and similarly, they pose differently for showing different gestures you have to fully understand what she is saying and then give the response in accordance.

Here I have discussed how to gain a cat’s trust step by step for your complete understandability and comprehension.

It is very easy and a bit tricky to gain a cat’s trust, and I have explained it step by step for your convenience to answer your question about how to gain the trust of a cat.

17. Give your Cat Space

When the cat is new in your home, you have to give her space and don’t force her for anything because it can make her feel fearful. Cats love independence. That’s why they let the move wherever they want. When you give her space, she will feel safe and secure,

16. Provide her shelter

Provide her the space she wants for sleeping and make her a separate comfortable shelter where she can sleep without any disturbance. Providing a space for urination and excretion will make her more comfortable.

15. Feed her

Whomever we provide the food and shelter, he starts respecting and loving us, so provide your cat with delicious meals and water. She will feel safe and sound and affectionate towards you.

14. Observe Body Language

As we don’t understand cats’ language, the major way to communicate with cats is to understand their body language. They pose differently according to their feelings. That’s why to learn about their body language for knowing how to gain the trust of a cat.

13. Sitting Straight

When your cat is sitting straight and looking at you, she does not trust you fully, and she needs more time and space.

12. Sitting Low

Cats, when they sit low, are not very relaxed. She thinks about whether she should stay here or move elsewhere. So then don’t disturb her and let her stay there peacefully.

11. Sitting with Curled Legs

Mostly cats sitting with curled legs mean they have been relaxing and are about to leave the space after a few minutes. So, in this case, give them space to move.

10. Lying in a Curled Position and Looking at you

This condition means that your cat has started falling in love with you, and now she doesn’t feel shy, or fearful towards you, and now you can enjoy each other company.

09.  Bumping your Head Against you

Bumping her head against your legs means that she wants your attention, love, and touch. So then cuddle with her and rub her chin and ears gently with love. This will build up a relationship between you and your cat.

08. Make your  Cat first Move Towards you

Please don’t rush to your cat and try to cuddle her. Instead, built a safe environment around your cat and built her trust. Then your cat will come to you by herself and will cuddle with you without any fear.

When you do not directly touch and love her, she’ll see your deeds and knows that you love her. So do good for her, and she will be yours and will start a friendship with you.

07. Learn your Limits

Cats don’t like to be ruled, so always learn your limits and do not order or force them to do anything. Don’t touch her anywhere and keep petting her if he does not like petting.

This thing will irritate her, and she will start hating you. Learn from her gesture where she likes touching and when it annoys her.

06. Play with your Cats

When cats start feeling comfortable in your house and feel less shy and fearful, start playing with them. You can use different toys as cats like catching balls, so throw balls towards them.

But play when she is in the mood of playing and don’t tease or force her to play.

05. Give your Cat Rewards

When your cat does something good, then reward him as they love prizes. For training them for special things, use this trick of rewarding them, this will help a lot.

04. Let her Burn his Energy

Sometimes when we don’t let the cat play, she comes into a rage and starts biting. It is better to set her free for some time. So she can enjoy her own company and burn her energy and cherish herself.

When she starts feeling fresh, she will come to you and not harm you and herself because she will feel better.

03. Do not Make Quick Moves

When you are about to love your cat and move towards her, make sure you’re not looking horny and don’t make a quick move. Because then the cat will feel disturbed and will start fearing you.

Whenever you are about to love your cat, always move towards her gently and with love. This will help a lot in building trust.

02. Don’t Force her for anything

Cats do whatever they like, so if you try to force her for things that she does not like or make her sleep where she doesn’t want to sleep, or touch her where she doesn’t like to be touched, she will become furious.

Let her do whatever he wants to do.

01. Let him Hide

Sometimes when cats are sad and anxious they hide, so let them hide and don’t go to those places very often where they are hibernating.


The essence of the above-all discussion on how to gain the trust of a cat is to give her respect and space. Respect her choices and not touch him everywhere and cuddle only when you have fully gained his trust.

Provide her food and shelter and make her come first towards friendship with you. When she seeks attention, give her all your attention, and love her.




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