Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy?

Cats love freedom, and independence and are natural athletes, so it is not easy to keep them happy indoor. You must know at least 10 tips to keep your cat happy indoors, so your cat does not crave going outdoor.

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There are just a few additions that you will have to do to keep your cat happy indoors because it is not necessary to go outdoors to keep your cat happy, like toys, greenery, prizes, and much more.

There are many ways of keeping your cats happy indoors, but I have here disused 10 tips to keep your cat happy indoors that are following

10. Bring Your Cat Toys

The best way to keep a cat happy indoors is to let her play with toys. Buy different toys for them; for example, cats chase lights, so bought a toy with lights, a cat dancer wand teaser, a pet stages tower of a tracks cat toy, etc.

Similarly, cats love to play with balls, and you can bring toys that have springs in them and flexible toys because these toys help them reduce their urge to prey. By playing with them, they burn their energy and stay calm.

09. Bring a Companion for your Cat

If you have one cat and you don’t spend much time with her. She will feel lonely, so must bring another pet, for example, brought a cat. So your cat can get the company of the other cat.

Both cats will run, jump, eat, and enjoy themselves with each other, and you will be successful in keeping your cat safe indoors.

08. Make your Cat View Outside

Another way of making your cat happy indoors is to let her look outside. Build a room for her on the transparent sheet near the window. So she can view outside and enjoy herself.

When your cats see other pets like dogs, pets, and different kinds of birds like sparrows, pigeons, etc., they will cherish them and will be happy.

07. Bring Greenery for your Cat

Cats love plants, trees, and grass, and they love nibbling, climbing, and jumping from trees. So let them play on the lawn of your house. If you don’t have a yard in your home, bring the special cats rug from Bazar.

Similarly, brought artificial trees from the Bazar and fixed them where your cat plays. The cat will climb and jump from the tree, burn her energy, and reduce her urge to go outdoors.

06. Spend Time with your Cat

The best tip of our 10 tips to keep your cat happy indoors is to spend time with your cat as much as possible. Love your cat, play with her toys, and cuddle her and pet her. She will enjoy it and will not feel lonely.

05. Bring Catnip for her

To keep your cat happy, bring her a catnip; catnip is a plant of the mint family, and it produces oil, which, when inhaled, activates the cat’s feline happy receptor. Nowadays, felin is present in powder form, and certain toys have catnip smell incorporated in them, and cats smell it while playing.

When cats inhale oil known as nepetalactone, it makes them happy, and the cat will roll, flip, and rub. So catnip will keep your cat stimulated and comfortable and help keep her satisfied at home.

04. Neuter and Spay

If you have a female cat, remove the reproductive organs, this process is known as spaying, and removing the male reproductive parts, which is known as neutering. So always get your cat neutered and spay done from a vet.

Doing this will eradicate their sexual needs and urge them to do mating because sexual needs force the cats to move outdoor and find a partner for mating.

03. Allow your Cat to Jump

Cats have very much energy, and they have to burn it, so they climb on the walls and jump. So let your cat jump from heights. When the cats stand on the fences, they see other things from the peak, and they love the views

Let them jump from the trees, walls, and stairs of your house to keep them happy indoors.

02. Give her Little Tasks

Cats have a hunting nature, and they love to go here and there in search of prey, so they try to fulfill their needs. You can hide their favorite toy somewhere else. Then let her find that toy.

This trick will burn her energy and help you a lot in keeping him busy. Then give him a prize when she completes his task. This trick is used for training cats, lions, cats, dogs, and other animals in cages.

01. Go for a Walk Seldom

It is necessary to take your cat for a walk seldom because it will be refreshing for your cat. You can take your cat out by wearing her harness and make her use to wear harness by starting from a short period.

There is no substitute for an outdoor walk, so take your cat for an outing once in fifteen days and let her enjoy and wander.

Final Words

It is not crucial to go outdoors to keep our cat happy because we can keep our cat happy indoors by following these simple 10 tips. Just buy a lot of toys for your cat and play with her.

Moreover, spend time with her, cuddle her, climb on walls and jump from a height. Don’t bore her. Play games like hiding things with her and awards her with a prize.

Also, provide her with greenery like green carpets, plants, and trees for playing and scratching. Make sure you have removed your cat’s reproductive system so it has no urge to mate.

Similarly, give catnip to them, and it will work best for your cat because it soothes her very much, and she will feel very better indoors.

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