Myths About Cats You Should Stop Believing

Top 10 Myths About Cats You Should Stop Believing

Even in 21-century people believe things about cats that have no scientific basis. These 10 myths about cats you should believe if you wanted to have a good relationship with your cat.

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Does purring mean the cat is happy or is it a myth? Should you give your cat cow milk for good health? Including these, I have further explained 10 myths about cats you should stop believing.

Most strongly believed myths are the following.

01. Black Cats Are Unlucky

In western cultures, people believe that something bad will happen to you when a black cat crosses your path. You may have a business loss, your health can be destroyed, or another bad incident is about to happen to you.

Chinese also believe that if there is a black cat on your doorstep, you will become poor in the coming days. But it is a myth. There is no proof of it. We should love and treat black cats with much care and affection as we do with other cats.

02. All Cats Hate Water

Most cats hate water it is because they have fur on their body. When the hair gets wet, it takes a long time to cool down. That’s why they prefer to stay away from the cat.

When cats are wet, it is very difficult for them to move swiftly, play, and jump, so that’s why some cats hate water. But it is one myth from the top 10 myths you should stop believing.

But this myth is broken down by Bengals, Maine coons, etc. because they love water, take a shower, swim in water for hours, and enjoy it very much.

03. Cats Don’t Like Dogs

Cats like solitude and they indeed need their space and time. But cats do not hate dogs. Dogs are not the favorite of some cats. But when both these pets are introduced in a good manner, dogs don’t hurt cats; then cats start loving them.

Very often, cats and dogs become their best friend, so they play and cuddles a lot.

04. Pregnant Women Should Stay Away From Cats

Toxoplasmosis is a serious infection that almost infects all parts of the body, like the lungs, muscles, and head. It also causes swallowing on the neck. It is transmitted from a pregnant woman to her fetus.

It is considered that this parasite is transferred by cats to pregnant women. But its main reason is uncooked meat during cuddling with cats; there is no risk of transmission of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.

However, pregnant women should avoid direct contact with cats’ litter boxes because their feces can cause infection.

05. Cats Are Nocturnal

Cats are not nocturnal, but they are considered. Cats are just active more at dawn and dusk. Moreover, they can run and jump at night because they have many rod cells in their eyes; that’s why they can see in darkness also.

But the vision is not full. Cats sleep at night and wake up in the morning as we do by listening to our noise.

06. Cats Are Treacherous

It is the most hateful myth of the top 10 myths about cats that you should stop believing. People think cats don’t love humans, and they don’t miss their owners.  So people say it’s better to have a pet dog because dogs love their owners a lot.

However, it is a myth cats do have affectation with their owner; they cuddle with their owner and love to play with them. But cats take time to love and develop affection.

07. Milk Is Good For Their Health

Cats love milk and drink it very quickly. It is also thought that milk is good for the health of cats. But it is wrong cat’s digestive system does not support the breakdown of lactose.

However, when they drink cow milk daily, some cats develop the ability to digest the milk properly. However, milk is necessary for cats’ mothers. You can give them lactose-free milk recommended by a good vet.

08. We Can’t Train A Cat

It is the most common myth of the 10 myths about cats you should stop believing. It is not impossible to train cats. We can train cats like dogs, but cats may take more time.

People who have pet cats easily train cats to go to the washroom and clean their wastes. Similarly, they learn eating manners; we can easily prepare them for different games like hiding and seek.

09. Declawing A Cat Is Harmless

Due to their nature, cats have the habit of piercing everything through their nails. They keep scratching the bedsheets, sofas, and walls. So cat owners cut all the bones of their fingers so they can not do the scraping.

But it is not as easy a process as people considered it. It is very painful, and sometimes cats suffer from permanent chronic disorders.

10. Cat Only Purr When They Are Happy

Purr is a type of low vibrating sound. Cats purr a lot when they are happy. Whenever people saw a cat purring, then they think that it is very happy now. But it is just a myth.

When cats are sad, irritated, frightened, and also during their childbirth, they purr a lot. However, according to science, this purr act as healing for human bone and muscles

Final Words

There are marry myths on which people have strong beliefs. Here I have mentioned 10 myths about cats that you should stop believing because you will not develop a good relationship with your cat if you kept believing them.

Purr always does not mean that cat is happy. Also, cow milk is not good for the health of the cat. Cats can be friends with dogs, cats do love water, and cats develop a loving relationship with the owner.

Declawing is very painful for cats, so avoid it, and we can train our cats like dogs, but cats take more time in learning because they do things when they want due to their independent nature.

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