Top 10 Biggest Cat Breeds

Top 10 Biggest Cat Breeds | Perfect Addition to Home

There is no better option for cuddling than a big cat, so here I have the top 10 biggest cat breeds. Big cats also resemble some wild animals. That’s why they are more adorable.

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Big cats are large, so they are better hunters than small cats, so it is better to keep big cats outdoors to burn their energy and exercise. Here I have discussed the weight, features, and nature of each cat.

These are the biggest cats. Read them one by one and select the one that you like the most

10. Persian Cat

Persian CatPersian cat attracts people towards them because of their face with a short muzzle. These are big and weigh 7-12 pounds. They move all around the house and interact with everything.

Their feet and toes are very long, and their body is muscular and fluffy, hair length varies between long and medium. Their breed is present in a variety of colors like black, brown, etc.

09. Turkish Van

Turkish VanTurkish van originated from turkey, and it takes almost 5 years to grow physically. Their male weighs up to 16 pounds and females weigh 14 pounds. They love to play with humans, but they often become deaf.

Their body is well structured with broad shoulders. They are very intelligent; hence the cats learn games very quickly. Turkish vans are full of energy and love to swim. Most cats hate water, but they love to play in the water.

08. British Short Hair

British Short HairBritish shorthair is less in weight than savannah and other cats, but these are also one of the world’s biggest breeds and weigh almost 12-17 pounds. They will not demand much time because these cats are not attention seekers.

These are very attractive because they have a coat that contains short hair. Their skin has many colors like blue, green, golden, and grey, and their nature is very calm. Hence these are easy to keep indoors.

07. Chausie

ChausieThe tall body has long hair and weighs almost 20 pounds. People who love the biggest cats should consider this breed. Chausie cats are very active, intelligent cats. Their hunting skills are extraordinary.

When they are scared, frightened, or frustrated, they become aggressive,  as they have a lot of energy. These are mostly black, and the body is not very fluffy; the hair is small and has a tabbed pattern.

06. Ragamuffin

RagamuffinRagamuffin has a very fluffy body due to its coat. That’s why it is also considered in the top 10 biggest cat breeds in the world. The weight of the ragamuffin male is almost 20 pounds; however, females weigh 15 pounds.

They have large heads, but their neck is small. Ragamuffins have a pad of fats on their belly. These are very friendly and have a good temperament. They always become good friends with other pets like dogs.

However, their hair is shed a lot, so you will have to do cleanliness very often.

05. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest CatNorwegian forest cats have a huge variety of colors and patterns on their fur. Their weight is almost 20 -25 pounds.  These cats have a double coat, and their undercoat is very strong and dense. Their body is very strong, and their almond-shaped eyes further increase their beauty.

The cats of this breed are very loyal and cool. Their friendly nature makes them worth buying. These cats are included in the list of smart domestic pets. But they often become ill due to kidney problems.

04. Ragdoll

RagdollRagdoll is the biggest cat breed as its male weighs 12 to 20 pounds. They have large, and the muzzle is round. Their body, like other cats, is muscular, and they have blue eyes. Also, their coats are very beautiful and light in color like white, cream, etc.

Their name is because of their very loving, affectionate nature. They cuddle a lot and love to sit on the lap of their power.

03. Siberian

SiberianThese are adorable cats with long hair and are included in the top 10 biggest cat breeds because their weight is 28pounds. These cats are very healthy and have strong fluffy bodies.

Siberian cats are very friendly and become good friends with other pets like dogs. These cats do not require too much care. They keep shedding their hair, so we have to do the cleaning of house carpets often.

02. Savannah

SavannahSavannah is a mixture of a leopard and tiger, and it looks like a small tiger. Their weight is 30 pounds. Savannah cats are a bit aggressive and wild. They are taller than most domestic cats.

These cats have a huge variety, but the most common color is a golden color with a brown spot. They develop a strong bond with the family and love to play games. These cats are very much attention seekers.

01. Maine Coon

Maine CoonThe Maine coon is also knowns as the dog of the cat world. They weigh almost 35 pounds; however, the weight of the female cat is less. They have a strong muscular body, strong legs, and a big head.

Their chest is also very broad and very long tails, and the Maine coon has a long sleek body; a brown tabby pattern is present all over their body. Red, white, silver, black, and blue color are also present in their breed.

Final Words

Big cats have very attractive and charming personalities, and people love to cuddle with them because they have very fluffy coats. Here I have discussed the top 10 biggest cat breeds.

The list includes Maine coon at the first number and Savannah cats at the second number. Then Siberian, ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, ragamuffin, Chausie, British shorthair, Turkish ven, and Persian cat.

Chausie cats are a bit aggressive, but all cat breeds are very friendly and easy-going. British shorthair cat doesn’t demand much attention while others want your time very much.

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