Why Does My Cat Roll Over When Sees Me

Why Does My Cat Roll Over When Sees Me?

Are you interested to know, “Why Does My Cat Roll Over When Sees Me?” To be straightforward, there are many reasons for this behavior. If you are really into your cat, you can clearly understand its posture and movements.

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When you have a cat in your home, you can never get bored or have any dull moments throughout the day. However, if you see your cat roll all over the ground and lay down anywhere in the same position for a long time, it means your cat is trying to tell you something.

Cat is one of the most sensitive pets you ever had. Therefore, they immediately react and try to attack you if you did not respond to their body movements. Sometimes, your cat can hurt you with its teeth and paws.

While meowing, cats usually rub themselves against the floor of the ground. However, sometimes your cat feels itchy and wants you to stretch it, but this gesture seems like a positive signal from the cat.

The rotating motion of a cat gives you a sign that a cat might need attention, and it wants to feel safe around you.  Did you ever wonder why your cat is doing this? Keep reading to know the reasons behind it.

The most relatable reasons behind this question are as follows.

01. Showing Relaxes, State of Mind

The owner should not panic all the time when their cat rolls over to see you. Because sometimes your cat is expressing that it is comfortable now.

However, after returning from the office and a trip, the cat rolls over immediately. Unlike dogs, they run towards you and start licking your feet or leg. It is the dog’s way of expressing affection toward the owner. While cats love to roll over, their behavior sometimes puzzles you.

02. Cats Want Attention

Unlike other animals, neither cats like aggressive petting nor want too much attention from their owner. However, if a cat rolls over after seeing you, it wants a little bit of petting from its owner on its head. In this way, the cat wants its attention from you. But the owner should avoid touching it on the belly area as the cat become defensive if you do this to it.

03. Cat Shows Love to You

One of the most definitive reasons for a cat to roll over after seeing you is that your cat loves to express its love this way. However, your kitty can identify your smell and instantly roll over to tell how much they adore you. Therefore, cats feel secure and safe in their surrounding.

04. Safety and Security

A cat only rolls over when it feels safe and secure. However, rolling over to the ground is one of the most relaxed yet comfortable states of a cat. Therefore, it is a good sign for an owner when he sees a cat rolling over immediately after seeing the owner.  It is one of the cay ways to claim that it trusts you.

05. Marking Behavior

The primary way for a cat to do any kind of communication is by the smelling scent of someone, especially their owner. However, if a cat rolls over the ground, it means the cat is spreading its scent. Thus, the cat uses its cheeks, flanks, and paw to spread its scent glands.

Moreover, when a cat rolls over and leaves its scent on the floor or ground, it tells the other cats that it claimed this spot and that cat had marked its territory.

06. Might Be Catnip

Catnip is a kind of herb that creates a strong reaction in cats. However, if you give catnip to your cat, you can notice a rolling on the floor by a cat. This herb contains a compound named nepetalactone that activates cat sexual desire. Thus, the cat feels relish while rolling on the floor.

07. Not Submission Like the Dog

Every animal has a different type of inherent behavior. Nevertheless, a cat is very different from a dog and other species. If you have any other animal in your house and if that pet is not around, a cat usually does rollovers to grab its owner’s attention. But you have to take care not to rub its tummy; otherwise, you will get a sketch yourself.

08. Medical Problem

In some cases, cats become itchy which can lead to some kind of medical problem. Likely, this can only happen when a cat has a different type of symptoms medically that include redness, hair loss, bumps, and others.

09. Matting Habits

Some of the female cats might roll over on the ground showing matting behavior, especially after sexual intercourse. However, the owner should make sure that during this behavior, you should not touch it until it calms down.

10. Endless Possibilities

There might be many reasons for this attitude. The body temperature of a cat is higher, and cats like to sit under the sun and want a comfortably hot place to sleep. However, cats need their body temperature to cool down. To calm their selves, they start rubbing their body against the floor.


Why Do Cats Roll Over And Expose Their Stomachs?

Most cats want to grab the attention of their owner. Sometimes they show love and affection, which means the cats trust you.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Shows Its Belly To Another Cat?

There can be endless possibilities; cats showing their belly to other cats is like a sign of trust. However, the cat is prey in nature.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Lets You Touch Its Paws?

If a cat lets you touch its paws, it means that your cat trusts you, and the relationship between you two is more substantial.

The Final Words

To conclude, here the top 10 reasons, “Why my cat rolls over when sees me” are mentioned. When you have a cat in your home, you can never get bored or have any dull moments throughout the day. While meowing, cats usually rub themselves against the floor of the ground.

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